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Best Memory Foam Mattresses in Ireland (2022)


Last updated: 28.06.2022 10 Min.

Memory foam was originally developed by NASA for space travel. 🚀

Luckily, you don't need to be an astronaut to experience the out-of-this-world sensation memory foam provides.

Many modern-day mattresses are made of memory foam - and we'll share some of the very best memory foam mattresses available in Ireland right here. 🇬🇧

We'll even give you an overview of all the cool things memory foam can do for you!

So let's get straight to it. 👇

Best memory foam mattresses


  • Adapts well to the contours of your body.
  • Offers great pressure relief.
  • Helps with orthopaedic concerns.
  • Provides great support & superior comfort.
  • Allows for a warmer sleep, which is great for people who easily feel cold at night.
  • Low motion transfer makes it great for couples.


  • Poor quality memory foam mattresses quickly form dents.
  • Memory foam can feel too hot and clammy for people who easily feel hot at night or heavy sweaters.
  • Not suitable for restless sleepers - moving around on memory foam can be quite challenging.
  • High-quality memory foam mattresses can be very expensive.

What makes memory foam special?

  • Unique body-hugging material with exceptional pressure relief.
  • Fantastic orthopaedic qualities.
  • Low motion isolation.

Our top memory foam mattress recommendations:

  • Silentnight
    Impress 2.5cm Memory Foam Mattress Topper
    Silentnight Price from €60
    The Silentnight Impress memory foam mattress topper is a budget-friendly topper with reactive memory foam.
  • Eve
    Memory Foam Pillow
    Eve Price from €59
    The Eve Memory Foam Pillow is made of high-quality, breathable foam with air holes for additional cooling.
    Price from €59

    Silentnight Impress 2.5cm Memory Foam Mattress Topper
    Price from €60

    Silentnight Impress 2.5cm Memory Foam Mattress Topper

    The Silentnight Impress memory foam mattress topper is a budget-friendly topper with reactive memory foam.

    This affordable mattress topper is hypoallergenic and comes with a removable and washable cover.

    All about the Silentnight Impress 2.5cm Memory Foam Mattress Topper

    The Silentnight Impress 2.5 cm Memory Foam mattress topper is one of the cheapest available in the Ireland. 

    silentnight impress memory foam topper close up

    Made with reactive memory foam, this topper can provide relief in key pressure-point areas

    This affordable memory foam topper comes with a removable cover that is machine-washable. 

    Silentnight has been Britain’s Choice Superbrand for 15 years running. 🇬🇧

    As Ireland’s most trusted bed brand, all Silentnight products are made in Ireland

    The Silentnight Impress mattress topper comes with a 60-night comfort exchange and a 2-year guarantee

    A 5cm memory foam mattress topper is also available in this collection. 


      Silentnight Impress 2.5cm Memory Foam Mattress Topper
    Materials: Memory foam
    Depth: 2.5 cm 
    Trial period: 60 nights
    Guarantee: 2 years
    Available sizes: Single, double, king, super king 

    Eve Memory Foam Pillow
    Price from €59

    Eve Memory Foam Pillow

    The Eve Memory Foam Pillow is made of high-quality, breathable foam with air holes for additional cooling.

    This pillow adapts perfectly to your body and offers optimal support, regardless of whether you sleep on your stomach, back or side.

    All about the Eve Memory Foam Pillow

    The Eve memory foam pillow is the most popular in their range.

    Eve memory foam pillow

    Unlike some other pillows that feature a multitude of layers and fillings, Eve keeps things simple with one core layer of memory foam designed with holes to encourage airflow. 🌬️

    Memory foam adapts perfectly to your body and offers optimal support, regardless of whether you sleep on your stomach, back or side.

    This pillow is OEKO-TEX® certified, making it safe for everyone, including children. 👶

    It is protected by a soft and stretchy hypoallergenic jersey knit cover, which is fully removable and machine-washable at 40°.

    Eve offers a 14-night sleep trial and will offer a refund for those who decide this pillow isn’t for them. 

    The 3-year-guarantee puts Eve on par with competitors like Tempur, but at a fraction of the cost! 💰

    Unfortunately, the Eve memory foam pillow only comes in one size and is not adjustable. 

    So, if this pillow feels too low or high, you'll have to consider some other options. 

    However, it's a great product for those looking for a simple memory foam pillow without all the fuss. 


      Eve Memory Foam Pillow
    Composition: Memory foam
    Firmness level: Medium-firm
    Trial period: 14 days
    Guarantee: 3 years
    What we love: The air holes inside the material give this memory foam pillow plenty of room to breathe.
    What could be improved: The ability to adjust the pillow to suit all positions and preferences would make this pillow more versatile.

    What is a memory foam mattress?

    Memory foam may sound like a new-age phenomenon, but it's actually been around for quite a few decades.

    NASA first designed it as a pressure-absorbing material to cushion astronauts' seats and absorb impact during space travel. 🚀

    Nectar Memory foam mattress
    Memory foam is a pressure-absorbing material

    And how did this space-age material end up in mattresses?

    Well, you have Tempur to thank for that, who started playing around with memory foam in mattresses back in 1991.

    Tempur memory foam mattresses are still some of the best in the world, though a bit on the expensive side.

    We can recommend much more affordable ones!

    Today, memory foam mattresses are very popular - especially in the form of bed-in-a-box mattresses.

    We'll tell you why a little further down. 😉

    But, first:

    What is memory foam?

    In a nutshell, memory foam (also often called viscoelastic polyurethane foam or low-resilience polyurethane foam) is a foam made predominantly of polyurethane and a few additional chemicals to increase viscosity and density.

    Memory foam is characterised by its so-called memory effect or memory imprint.

    When you apply pressure to the foam, it leaves an imprint that will remain visible for a few seconds.

    Look at the images below that demonstrate this memory effect.👇

    Nectar mattress Memory foam

    Hand on memory foam

    Memory foam imprint

    This memory effect allows the memory foam to adapt remarkably well to the body, resulting in body-hugging comfort and support.

    Temperature response

    Memory foam also responds to temperature.

    The foam will be firmer when cold and soften up when warmer.

    As you warm up while sleeping, the foam will become softer and mould to your body even more.

    This is great if you're looking for that body-contouring support.

    But, in poorer quality mattresses, this can quickly become problematic.

    As poorer quality memory foam mattresses respond slower, they may take a while to react to your body and bounce back to the original shape.

    This can result in bad sleeping positions, leading to aches and pains.

    Are memory foam mattresses 100% memory foam?

    Most memory foam mattresses actually don't consist of 100% memory foam.

    They're usually constructed of multiple layers of different types of foam to offer both comfort and support.

    Memory foam on its own can be a little soft.

    You'll often find memory foam mattresses constructed of an upper layer of viscoelastic foam and a lower layer of cold foam.

    Cold foam provides additional support and stability. 💎

    Of course, most of the best memory foam mattresses also contain other foam layers or even springs, as is the case with hybrid pocket memory mattresses like the Brook + Wilde Lux.

    Many spring mattresses also have a memory foam pillow top for extra comfort.


    Brook and wilde lux mattress
    The Brook + Wilde Lux is a hybrid pocket memory foam mattress

    Bed-in-a-box memory foam mattresses

    Many of the mattresses we recommend are bed-in-a-box mattresses.

    These are predominantly made of memory foam.


    Memory foam can be compressed quite significantly, so a memory foam mattress can be squashed together, rolled up, and sent to you via post in a compact box. 📦

    That's a pretty unique feature.

    Once you unpack the mattress and remove the vacuum seal, it'll slowly return to its full size.

    All the mattresses we recommend in this article, like the Ergoflex, are of the bed-in-a-box variety.


    Bed-in-a-box mattresses

    Who are memory foam mattresses suitable for?

    There are many different mattress types to choose from, but memory foam mattresses are generally a great choice for a wide variety of sleepers.

    That said, they may not necessarily be the best choice for you.

    Let's dive into this in a bit more detail. 👇

    But, first, here is a quick overview:

    Memory foam mattresses are suitable for: Memory foam mattresses are less suitable for:
    • All body types and sleeping positions.
    • Calm sleepers.
    • People who easily feel cold at night.
    • People with orthopaedic concerns.
    • Couples.
    • Allergy sufferers.
    • People who easily feel hot or heavy sweaters.
    • Very restless sleepers.

    Memory foam is a good choice for calmer sleepers

    Memory foam is enormously comfortable. 😴

    But, since the foam really adapts to the contours of your body, moving around on the mattress can be a bit challenging.

    Sleepers frequently describe it as sleeping in the mattress rather than on the mattress.

    Think of it this way:

    • You're sleeping in one position, and the memory foam adapts to your body shape.
    • Then, you change your sleeping position.
    • But, because of the memory effect, the foam parts you lay on previously will still retain the indent for a little while.
    • The foams need some time to bounce back to neutral.

    This is alright if you move occasionally.

    But if you frequently toss and turn at night, it may become a little uncomfortable - if not downright challenging. 💃

    This makes memory foam mattresses unsuitable for very restless sleepers.

    If you're a restless sleeper, we'd suggest opting for a cold foam, pocket sprung, or hybrid mattress instead.

    Our favourite?

    The Simba mattress, which features a combination of foams and mini pocket springs!

    Memory foam for calmer sleepers

    Memory foam is a great choice for people who easily feel cold at night

    Memory foam retains more heat than other types of foam. 🥵

    This results in overall warmer sleep.

    That's great news if you easily feel cold at night and like your bed to be snug and warm. 🥰

    But, if you feel hot quite easily or if you're a very heavy sweater, then this becomes a little uncomfortable.

    Most modern-day memory foam mattresses counteract this heat retention by introducing more breathable foams or making use of cooling covers that allow for increased airflow.

    This helps regulate body temperature more effectively and prevents overheating.

    The Brook + Wilde Lux, for example, is a luxurious hybrid mattress with cooling memory foam.


    If you're a very heavy sweater, though, we'd recommend opting for a pocket sprung mattress or a hybrid mattress(with foams & springs) instead.

    The spaces between the pocket springs create natural ventilation channels, which allows air to flow more freely.

    This enhanced breathability and airflow keep you cooler and more comfortable. ❄️

    The Simba mattress is one of our favourite hybrid mattresses, but we can also recommend the Silentnight Eco Comfort Pocket 1200 Mattress as an eco-friendly - and budget-friendly - pocket sprung option.


    Memory foam is a great choice for orthopaedic concerns

    Memory foam is the material of choice for anyone struggling with orthopaedic concerns.

    Since the foam adapts so well to the contours of your body, it reduces pressure points and allows for good pressure relief.

    This body-hugging sensation gives your muscles the chance to relax fully. 🤗

    Orthopaedic memory foam mattresses help prevent and relieve back and neck pains.

    Don't forget to always pair your mattress with a great pillow to prevent neck, shoulder, and upper back pains. We recommend some of our favourites in our article on the best pillows.

    Memory foam is great for couples

    Memory foam displays very low motion transfer.

    Motion transfer refers to the ability of movements to travel through a mattress.

    If the motion transfer is low, then movements are effectively absorbed and won't be carried across the mattress.

    This means that you won't feel your partner move on the opposite side of the bed while sleeping.

    A mattress with low motion transfer is a great choice for couples. 👩‍❤️‍👨

    Memory foam is also completely noiseless, unlike some spring mattresses, so you're unlikely to be kept awake by any squeaking.

    Memory foam mattress Motion isolation
    Memory foam has very low motion transfer

    Memory foam is a hypoallergenic choice

    Memory foam mattresses are usually hypoallergenic with anti-dust-mite properties.

    This is great news for people prone to allergies. 🤧

    Most of the mattresses we recommend also feature a removable and machine-washable cover to keep your mattress clean and hygienic.

    For extra protection, we'd always recommend a waterproof mattress protector.

    These safeguard your mattress against spills, dirt, stains, and bacteria.

    Our recommended mattress protectors:

    Criteria to consider when purchasing a memory foam mattress

    We wish we could tell you that all memory foam mattresses are created equal, but, unfortunately, that's not the case.

    As with all purchases, you need to ensure that you're investing in a quality product guaranteed to last you for a long time.

    You also need to find one that is perfectly matched to suit your individual preferences.

    Luckily, you have us to guide you. 😀

    Below, you'll find a list of criteria to consider when purchasing a memory foam mattress.

    1. High density

    The most important quality feature of a memory foam mattress is its density.

    Density is measured in units indicating how much polyurethane foam was used for one cubic metre.

    The rule of thumb is this:

    The higher the density, the higher the quality of the mattress. 👍

    A higher density mattress is also less likely to suffer from dents and sagging, resulting in an overall longer lifespan.

    A good memory foam mattress should last for 8 - 10 years.

    You can use the below table as a rough guideline to density and lifespan:

    Density in kg/m³ Quality indicator Expected lifespan
    Under 30 Inferior quality Up to 3 years
    30-40 Average quality 3 - 6 years
    40-50 Good quality 6 - 8 years
    50-60 Very good quality 8 - 10 years
    Over 60 Excellent quality 10 years and more

    2. What other materials are used?

    Most memory foam mattresses consist of a memory foam layer combined with several layers of other types of foam.

    The upper comfort layer is usually your viscoelastic memory foam while the lower support layers are often made from cold foam.

    This gives the mattress more stability.

    But you're also likely to find a range of other materials in your mattress, ranging from gel foam to aloe, bamboo, or wool. 🌱

    These may affect the comfort, breathability, and support features of your mattress.

    The Simba Hybrid Luxe, for example, features a top bamboo wool layer to enhance temperature regulation.

    It's important to pay attention to the quality of these other mattress materials as well.


    Different mattress materials

    3. Pay attention to the degree of firmness

    Memory foam mattresses are generally on the softer end of the scale.

    The foam also reacts to temperature and is likely to become even softer as it warms up while you sleep. 💤

    But, the actual degree of firmness of your mattress depends significantly on the other mattress materials used.

    You can even find some firm memory foam mattresses, like the Nectar.

    Unlike many other memory foam mattresses, the Nectar has a firmer top layer to counteract the softer memory foam - hence its firmer and more supportive feel.


    There is no right or wrong when choosing a degree of firmness, though your sleeping position and build/body weight will influence this a bit.

    Firmness according to sleeping position

    Ultimately, you need to choose a mattress that allows your spine to remain optimally aligned.

    If you sleep on your side, for example, you're likely to need a slightly softer mattress to allow the heavier parts of your body to sink in.

    This will allow for optimal spinal alignment.

    Take a look at the illustration below.👇

    Optimal spinal alignment
    Softer foams allow your body to sink where required

    As you can see, the hips and shoulders sink in a little more deeply while the lighter parts of the body are adequately supported.

    This allows your spine to remain straight, eliminating causes of tension and resultant back pain.

    If you're a back or stomach sleeper (or if you're of a slightly larger build), you'll need a mattress that's a little firmer to provide enough stability and support.

    Back sleeper on a nectar memory foam mattress
    Back sleepers need a slightly firmer mattress

    Determining the right degree of firmness can be challenging. 🤯

    This is why we've devised the Sleep Hero firmness scale.

    Here, we rate mattresses on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is the softest and 10 the firmest.

    All of the mattresses we review receive a value on this scale to help guide your purchasing decision. 🛍

    But, ultimately, you will need to sleep on a mattress for a few weeks to see if the firmness is right for you.

    That's why we always recommend choosing a mattress that comes with a risk-free trial period.

    4. Risk-free trial periods

    We can certainly help guide you in finding the best mattress.

    That's what Sleep Hero is all about. ⭐️

    But the only way to really see if a mattress is right for you is to try it out yourself.

    We're not talking about lying on a mattress for a few minutes in a retail store.

    Everything feels comfortable for a few minutes. 🤷‍♀️

    To really see if a mattress is right for you, you need to sleep on it for a period of at least three weeks.

    This gives your body the chance to get used to a new feel, which is especially important if your new mattress is vastly different from your old one.

    We always recommend purchasing a mattress that comes with free delivery, a risk-free trial period, free returns, and full refunds.

    These make your mattress purchase a risk-free investment.

    Trial periods differ by brand, but most offer a minimum of 100 days. 🗓

    Our favourite memory foam mattresses offer the following:


    If you've slept on one of these mattresses for a few weeks and still don't find it as comfortable as you had hoped, you can send it back and receive a full refund. 💰

    That's the kind of service we enjoy.

    Risk-free trial period

    Memory foam mattress sizes in Ireland

    Memory foam mattresses, like most other mattresses, are available in a wide range of sizes.

    The standard mattress sizes in Ireland include:

    • Small single memory foam mattress: 75 x 190 cm (2'6" x 6'3")
    • Single memory foam mattress: 90 x 190 cm (3’ x 6’3”)
    • Memory foam small double mattress: 120 x 190 cm (4' x 6'3")
    • Memory foam mattress double: 135 x 190 cm (4’6” x 6’3”)
    • Memory foam mattress king size: 150 x 200 cm (5’ x 6’6”)
    • Memory foam mattress super king size: 180 x 200 cm (6’ x 6’6”)
    • Memory foam mattress emperor: 200 x 200 cm (6’6” x 6’6”)

    You're also likely to find memory foam mattresses in a few custom sizes.

    Foam can be cut quite easily, so it's a lot simpler to produce custom all-foam mattresses than it is to produce custom hybrid or sprung mattresses.👌

    UK mattress sizes

    Choosing the right mattress size

    The right mattress size will depend on your personal preference, whether or not you're sharing your bed with a partner, your budget, and the size of your room.

    Singles could choose any size, but we recommend that couples choose one of the larger mattress sizes.

    Memory foam tends to have poor to average edge support.

    This means that the foam sinks in along the edges, and it may be problematic to sleep or sit near or on the edge of the mattress. ⛰

    Couples wouldn't really be able to make use of the full width of the bed, so larger mattress sizes - like the king-size or even larger - would be preferable choices.

    Our mattress size guide can help you choose the right size for you.

    Nectar Memory foam mattress edge support
    Many memory foam mattresses have poor edge support

    What do memory foam mattresses cost?

    You may be able to find some cheap memory foam mattresses in Ireland, but these are usually quite thin and won't last you very long.

    We wouldn't recommend these.

    We also wouldn't recommend IKEA memory foam mattresses. Some of the more premium ones are okay, but there are many better products available.

    Most high-quality memory foam mattresses will set you back between £400 and £550 for the smallest size.

    Of course, you can pay significantly more for a Tempur memory foam mattress or a little less for a budget Silentnight or Sealy mattress.

    But most of our recommended mattresses are in that price range.

    Memory foam mattress cost

    The best memory foam mattress deals

    This doesn't mean you can't get a great deal on your new memory foam mattress.

    Most of the Irish bed-in-a-box brands we recommend regularly offer discounts and promotions.

    A good coupon code can get you up to 45% off. 🥳

    You don't have to spend hours searching the internet for a good deal.

    We collect all of the best coupon codes for you and display them on our discounts page.

    Simply select your code, apply it upon checkout, and enjoy your savings.

    Bed frames for memory foam mattresses

    Many bed-in-a-box mattress brands stress that you have to place your new memory foam mattress on a suitable bed base.

    Some, like Eve, will even void your warranty if the mattress hasn't been placed on a compatible frame. 🛌

    Luckily, there is a wide range of bed frames to choose from.

    Box springs are the easiest choice as they provide a solid foundation for your mattress.

    Box springs

    Be careful with slatted frames

    Slatted frames also work, but these are often not recommended for memory foam mattresses.

    This is because there are gaps between the individual slats, and memory foam may conform and adapt to these gaps over time.

    This can damage the mattress. 😔

    But, this doesn't mean that you can't choose a slatted bed frame.

    Just make sure that the slats aren't too far apart: a maximum distance of 5 cm between slats is optimal.

    You can even choose height-adjustable or rigid slatted frames.

    Our favourite bed frames:

    Memory foam mattress toppers

    A mattress topper is a relatively thin layer of extra padding that can enhance the comfort of your mattress.

    They are predominantly used to add some softness to mattresses that may otherwise be too firm.

    Many mattress toppers are made from memory foam.

    This is because memory foam is so soft and comfortable, making it the perfect material to add a little soft cushioning to the top of your mattress. 🤗

    So if you've purchased a hybrid or pocket sprung mattress and you generally like the feel of it but want a touch more comfort, a memory foam mattress topper is the perfect solution.

    Memory foam toppers are also available in all standard mattress sizes, including the popular memory foam mattress topper small double and memory foam mattress topper king size.

    Our favourite memory foam mattress toppers in Ireland:

    Memory foam pillows

    While you definitely need a good mattress for the best night's sleep, you also shouldn't underestimate the importance of a quality pillow.

    A bad pillow can lead to neck, shoulder, and upper back pain.

    To find the right pillow, it's best to pay attention to your sleeping position:

    • Choose a flat pillow if you sleep on your stomach.
    • Choose a medium-loft pillow if you sleep on your back.
    • Choose a high-loft pillow if you sleep on your side.
    Side sleeper
    Side sleepers need a pillow to fill the space between the neck and mattress

    We really like adjustable pillows that allow you to customise the height and firmness of your pillow to suit you best.

    Memory foam pillows are perfect for this. 🎉

    They adapt to the shape of your head and neck optimally, relieving neck and shoulder pains.

    Our favourite memory foam pillows:

    Alternatives to memory foam mattresses

    Memory foam is great - but it may not be the right choice for you.

    If you're looking for a mattress that's perhaps more breathable or less body-hugging, then consider the below alternatives.

    Spring mattresses

    Spring mattresses are often firmer and offer more stability than memory foam mattresses.

    They usually feature a spring core with upper comfort layers of foam.

    Springs allow for greater elasticity and enhanced breathability, making them the perfect choice for people who need more support and enjoy a cooler sleep. ❄️

    Quality is important when it comes to spring mattresses.

    Many inferior spring mattresses, like open coil mattresses, can create or worsen back pain.

    We always recommend pocket sprung mattresses.


    Eve Premium Pocket sprung mattress
    We recommend pocket sprung mattresses

    Cold foam mattresses

    Cold foam mattresses demonstrate high adaptability and are often used for orthopaedic purposes.

    They're easier to move around on, too, so they're better suited for restless sleepers.🕺

    Most mattresses feature a base layer of cold foam for enhanced stability and support.

    Cold foam mattresses
    Cold foam is very supportive

    Gel foam mattresses

    Gel foam mattresses are very comfortable, providing a soft and cuddly feel.

    They also allow for enhanced airflow, which keeps you cooler. 💨

    Gel foam is most commonly found as an upper comfort layer in a combination foam mattress, used together with more adaptable and/or stable and firmer base foams.


    Gel foam mattress
    Gel foam is very breathable

    Latex mattresses

    Latex mattresses offer a very high degree of comfort.

    High-quality natural latex mattresses also offer excellent ventilation, and they're a great organic mattress choice. 🐼

    Unfortunately, pure latex mattresses are costly.

    BUY POCKET LATEX 2000€679

    latex foam mattress

    latex foam composition

    Hybrid mattresses

    Hybrid mattresses usually combine high-quality memory foam with a core of pocket springs.

    This results in a mattress that offers the exceptional adaptability and comfort of memory foam with the increased support, stability, and breathability of springs.


    Should you buy a memory foam mattress?

    Memory foam mattresses are excellent but they may not be suitable for everyone.

    We can recommend memory foam mattresses to:

    • People who like sleeping in their bed rather than on top of their bed
    • People who easily feel cold at night
    • People with orthopaedic concerns
    • Couples
    • Allergy sufferers

    We would not recommend memory foam mattresses to:

    • People who easily feel hot at night or heavy sweaters
    • Restless sleepers

    If you're not sure, you can always make use of risk-free trial periods to try out a mattress in the comfort of your own home.

    Frequently asked questions

    • What is off-gassing?

      If you've purchased a bed-in-a-box memory foam mattress, you've likely experienced off-gassing.

      This is an initial chemical smell that may be emitted when you first unpack the mattress.

      Off-gassing is completely normal.

      It's merely a side effect of the production process.

      It's also completely harmless and non-toxic.

      The smell can be a little uncomfortable, though.

      That's why we always recommend unpacking your new memory foam mattress in a well-ventilated room and letting it breathe.

      The smell should disappear within a few hours - or a few days at most!

    • What's the difference between reflex foam and memory foam?

      Reflex foam and memory foam are often confused.

      Both are made of polyurethane foam, but they feel a little different.

      Reflex foam offers a firmer sleep surface and good back support. 

      It is often cheaper than memory foam.

      Memory foam feels softer, moulds to the contours of your body more effectively, and feels much warmer. 

    • What's the difference between memory foam and hybrid mattresses?

      If you've been doing some research on mattresses, you may have come across the memory foam vs hybrid mattress debate.

      So what is the difference between memory foam and hybrid mattresses?

      In a nutshell:

      • Memory foam mattresses usually consist of one or more layers of memory foam, coupled with firmer support foams and cooling foams.
      • Hybrid mattresses, in contrast, usually consist of a core of mini or full-size pocket springs, coupled with multiple layers of foam, which may or may not include memory foam.

      The below table compares the two mattress types in more detail:

        Memory foam mattresses Hybrid mattresses
      Composition Memory foam with one or more layers of other foams Springs with one or more layers of foam
      Motion isolation Low Low to high, depending on the composition
      Temperature Sleeps warm Sleeps cooler 
      General firmness Soft to medium-firm Medium to firm
      Average lifespan 8 - 10 years 8 - 10 years
      Average price range £400 - £800 £500 - £1000
    • Do memory foam mattresses have springs?

      No, as a standard, memory foam mattresses do not have springs.

      They are all-foam mattresses.

      But, there are a few memory foam mattresses with springs - these are referred to as hybrid mattresses.

      Hybrids combine foam with springs to create a mattress with a unique feel.


    My mum calls me "bear" because I like to sleep so much. I never knew that, one day, that would be a very useful skill. Can you tell that I've found my calling? 

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