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Medium-Firm Mattresses

Best Medium-Firm Mattresses in Ireland (2022)


Last updated: 28.06.2022 4.5 Min.

It can be difficult to find the perfect mattress.

At first glance, a mattress can seem too firm or too soft and it’s not always easy to find the one that's right for you.

But if you’re looking for a mattress that’s neither too soft nor too firm, then a medium-firm mattress is the ideal solution.

How do you find the best medium-firm mattress? And who is a medium-firm mattress right for?

Don't despair, we'll answer all your questions and recommend some of our favourite medium-firm mattresses in this handy guide.

Medium-firm mattresses

Our top recommendations

    Premium Choice

    Eve Premium Hybrid
    Price from €978

    Eve Premium Hybrid

    The Eve Premium Hybrid is a hybrid mattress with 5 layers of new generation foam and over 1500 pocket springs.

    This high-end mattress promises to support people of all weights and body sizes - and it's perfect for couples!

    All about the Eve Premium Hybrid

    The Eve Premium Hybrid is the most luxurious hybrid mattress by Eve Sleep.

    Eve Premium Hybrid

    It combines multiple layers of foams and springs, including:

    • Graphite-infused cooling foam
    • Evecomfort foam that's 30x more breathable than traditional memory foam
    • Open-cell support foam
    • Up to 1666 full-size pocket springs
    • High-resilience base foam

    This unique combination guarantees a high degree of comfort in all sleeping positions.

    The mattress adapts to the body of the sleeper, allowing for optimal spinal alignment. 📏

    The Eve Premium Hybrid is particularly great for people suffering from back pain.

    It also has exceptional motion isolation, making it a great choice for couples. 👩‍❤️‍👨

    The Eve Premium Hybrid mattress comes with free delivery & returns, a 200-night risk-free trial period, and a 10-year guarantee.


      Eve Premium Hybrid
    Composition: Graphite-infused foam, memory foam, full-size pocket springs
    Firmness level: Medium-firm
    Height: 28 cm (11 inches)
    Trial period: 200 days
    Guarantee: 10 years
    What makes this mattress special? 5 layers of premium comfort & support

    Emma Hybrid
    Price from €589

    Emma Hybrid

    The Emma Hybrid is a high-quality mattress combining memory foam and springs for superior comfort, support, and breathability.

    This hybrid mattress by the award-winning Emma brand is best suited to those wanting the feel of memory foam without excessive heat retention.

    All about the Emma Hybrid

    The Emma Hybrid is a unique mattress by the award-winning Emma Sleep.

    It combines high-quality memory foam with up to 2000 mini pocket springs for superior comfort, support, and breathability.

    Memory foam adapts well to the contours of your body. 🤗

    Emma hybrid mattress

    This relieves pressure adequately, allowing you to relax fully and enjoy a good night's sleep. 😴

    Pocket springs enhance overall breathability, ensuring a steady flow of air to carry away heat and moisture and keep you cool and comfortable all night long.

    This makes the Emma Hybrid particularly suitable for more hot sleepers or heavier sweaters.

    Like all Emma mattresses, the Emma Hybrid comes with free delivery & returns and a risk-free 200-night trial period. 🥳


      Emma Hybrid
    Composition: Memory foam with mini pocket springs
    Firmness level: Soft
    Height: 25 cm (10 inches)
    Trial period: 200 nights
    Guarantee: 10 years
    What makes this mattress special: Better breathability and ease of movement than standard memory foam

    Silentnight Studio Gel Hybrid Mattress
    Price from €399

    Silentnight Studio Gel Hybrid Mattress

    The Silentnight Studio Gel Hybrid Mattress is a rolled mattress with a cooling gel-infused foam layer and full-size pocket springs.

    This award-winning hybrid mattress is delivered within 48 hours.

    All about the Silentnight Studio Gel Hybrid Mattress

    The Silentnight Studio Gel Hybrid Mattress is an award-winning mattress that's delivered vacuum-packed within 48 hours. 🏆

    Silentnight Studio Gel Hybrid Mattress

    It features a minimum of 1000 full-size pocket springs for superior ortho support, pressure distribution, and body adaptability.

    This is a great mattress for restless sleepers.

    The gel-infused comfort layer and 3D breathable fabric technology also work together to provide enhanced breathability and moisture regulation. 💨

    This allows your body to stay at the perfect temperature all night long.

    The cover is not removable - we'd recommend using a waterproof mattress protector to keep your mattress clean.

    The Silentnight Studio Gel Hybrid Mattress comes with free delivery and a 60-night trial period. 🗓

    It'll expand to its full size as soon as the vacuum packaging is removed.


      Silentnight Studio Gel Hybrid
    Composition: Pocket springs with gel-infused foams
    Firmness level: Medium
    Height: 24 cm (9.4 inches)
    What makes this mattress special? Award-winning value-for-money choice with enhanced breathability and support for restless sleepers

    What is a medium-firm mattress?

    A medium-firm mattress is suitable for people of a small or medium build, who do not like firm mattresses, and who do not suffer from any back problems. They are also suitable for heavier-weight people who like a soft mattress but still desire the quality and support necessary for their health.

    Stability is essential in a mattress. This is determined by the composition of the mattress and refers to how much support the mattress gives you. Good support takes into account the optimal alignment of the spine. It is important not to confuse stability and firmness. A soft mattress can offer as much support as a firm mattress.

    A medium-firm mattress offers a balanced approach. It is not too soft and not too firm but still offers the required stability to optimally support your body and keep your spine in a healthy alignment. This ensures that your body remains in a great position, allowing you to get a good night's rest.

    Sleep Hero firmness scale

    In order to better explain the degrees of firmness of different mattresses, we’ve come up with the Sleep Hero firmness scale. Our firmness scale is based on scores awarded by our independent reviewers. It is used extensively on the Sleep Hero website and we've used it to rate each mattress in our mattress reviews.

    If you’re looking for a medium-firm mattress, then we’d advise you to look at mattresses with a rating between 5 and 6.5 out of 10 on the Sleep Hero firmness scale.

    What type of sleeper is a medium-firm mattress suitable for?

    A medium-firm mattress is suitable for a wide variety of people and body types. It can support you well, regardless of whether you’re short, tall, skinny, or heavier. It can also support you well if you sleep on your side, your back, or your stomach. Ultimately, a medium-firm mattress is a mattress for all.

    However, the exact feeling of lying down on a mattress will depend on your preferences and your body size. If, for example, you’re a short and skinny person, then a medium-firm mattress may seem firmer to you than it would for someone who is taller or of a larger build, and vice versa.

    Generally, we would recommend a medium-firm mattress for people weighing between 50 kg and 100 kg.

    Why choose a medium-firm mattress?

    Most people think that a firm mattress is better than a soft mattress. This isn’t necessarily true. A poor quality firm mattress can cause as much damage as a poor quality soft mattress. Ultimately, what’s important is the support a mattress gives.

    You need to find a mattress that supports your body and ensures that your spine remains in its optimal alignment, without creating unnecessary pressure points in your shoulder and hip areas. This will allow your body to relax sufficiently and doesn't cause back or neck pains.

    Body alignment

    A good medium-firm mattress will function as an orthopaedic mattress and keep your body in its optimal alignment while you sleep. This allows you to get a good night’s rest and keep your body well-supported and healthy.


    By choosing a medium-firm mattress, you will get the perfect mattress that’s neither too soft, nor too firm. It’s also a great compromise for couples who cannot agree on the desired firmness of their mattress.

    There are many high-quality medium-firm mattresses available. One of our favourites, though, is the Simba Hybrid.


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