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Best Pillows in Ireland (2022)


Last updated: 28.06.2022 5 Min.

If you have the best mattress in the world but are still waking up with a stiff neck, your pillow may be at fault.

Your pillow is more than "the thing" you lay your head on. 🤯

Pillows need to be comfortable and supportive - and perfectly suited to you!

In this guide, we'll present a selection of the best pillows available in Ireland.

We'll also give you some advice on how to choose a new pillow that's perfect for you.

Let's get started. 🥳

Best pillows in Ireland

Our top Irish pillows recommendations:

    Emma Original Pillow
    Price from €119

    Emma Original Pillow

    The Emma Original Pillow is a height-adjustable pillow with customisable layers for the best individually-tailored support possible.

    The overall firmer feel and supportive memory foam make it one of our favourite pillows for side sleepers.



    All about the Emma Original Pillow

    The Emma Original pillow is one of the most customisable memory foam options available

    It features three layers of foam - cold foam, Airgocell foam, and memory foam - that can be removed and combined according to your sleeping preferences. 🥳

    Emma original pillow

    If all three layers are combined, the Emma Original is the perfect height for side sleepers. 

    If you’re a front/back sleeper and would like to try this pillow, you can remove layers to suit your personal preferences 

    Each layer is a different firmness, so you can decide if you would rather sleep on a softer or firmer surface.

    The pillow also comes with a removable & washable cover for easy cleaning. 🧼

    The Emma Original pillow has one of the longest sleep trials for a pillow.

    Just like their popular mattresses, you get to sleep on your Emma Original Pillow for 200 nights. 

    The returns process is easy and risk-free, giving you peace of mind when making a purchase.


      Emma Original Pillow
    Firmness level: Firm
    Trial period: 200 nights 
    Guarantee: 2 years
    What we love: The removable layers and ability to sleep on either side make this one of the best adjustable pillows.
    What could be improved: Some people find this pillow too firm, even with the changeable layers. An extra-soft layer may make all the difference.

    Eve Memory Foam Pillow
    Price from €59

    Eve Memory Foam Pillow

    The Eve Memory Foam Pillow is made of high-quality, breathable foam with air holes for additional cooling.

    This pillow adapts perfectly to your body and offers optimal support, regardless of whether you sleep on your stomach, back or side.

    All about the Eve Memory Foam Pillow

    The Eve memory foam pillow is the most popular in their range.

    Eve memory foam pillow

    Unlike some other pillows that feature a multitude of layers and fillings, Eve keeps things simple with one core layer of memory foam designed with holes to encourage airflow. 🌬️

    Memory foam adapts perfectly to your body and offers optimal support, regardless of whether you sleep on your stomach, back or side.

    This pillow is OEKO-TEX® certified, making it safe for everyone, including children. 👶

    It is protected by a soft and stretchy hypoallergenic jersey knit cover, which is fully removable and machine-washable at 40°.

    Eve offers a 14-night sleep trial and will offer a refund for those who decide this pillow isn’t for them. 

    The 3-year-guarantee puts Eve on par with competitors like Tempur, but at a fraction of the cost! 💰

    Unfortunately, the Eve memory foam pillow only comes in one size and is not adjustable. 

    So, if this pillow feels too low or high, you'll have to consider some other options. 

    However, it's a great product for those looking for a simple memory foam pillow without all the fuss. 


      Eve Memory Foam Pillow
    Composition: Memory foam
    Firmness level: Medium-firm
    Trial period: 14 days
    Guarantee: 3 years
    What we love: The air holes inside the material give this memory foam pillow plenty of room to breathe.
    What could be improved: The ability to adjust the pillow to suit all positions and preferences would make this pillow more versatile.
    Made For Babies

    Silentnight Safe Nights Grow With Me Pillow
    Price from €26

    Silentnight Safe Nights Grow With Me Pillow

    The Safe Nights Grow With Me Pillow by Silentnight is designed to support pregnancy and your baby's development from feeding time to sitting up independently.


    All about the Silentnight Safe Nights Grow With Me Pillow


    Why is a quality pillow important?

    A pillow may seem like lots of unnecessary fluff.

    Some even suggest you should be sleeping without a pillow. 😳

    But, the right pillow is actually very important in helping you get a good night's sleep.


    Let's explore this in a bit more detail. 🧐

    A pillow should offer proper support

    Of course, comfort matters.

    But, ultimately, your pillow serves a vital role in properly supporting your head.

    The perfect pillow will adequately fill the space between neck and mattress and support your shoulders, head, and neck.

    This will help your muscles relax, ensuring you'll wake up pain- and tension-free.

    A good pillow will also keep your upper spine in alignment. 🦴

    This will guarantee long-lasting support free from aches and pains.

    Pillow spinal alignment
    A good pillow will allow for upper spinal alignment

    The right pillow is also very comfortable

    But, of course, the right pillow also has to be very comfortable. 😴

    This is probably the part you'll pay the most attention to.

    After all, you wouldn't choose to sleep on a sandbag, even if it offers the proper support. ⌛️

    Support and comfort have to be well-balanced.

    You want a pillow that's soft and squishy - but still firm enough to support you.

    But what's firm enough?

    And how squishy should a soft pillow be?

    Well, that depends.

    Let's consider some factors that can help you choose the right pillow. 👇

    Different pillow shapes & sizes

    You wouldn't be alone in thinking that pillows only come in standard shapes and sizes.

    But, there are actually a number of different shapes and sizes!

    Pillow shapes

    The two most popular pillow shapes are:

    • Rectangular pillows: These are the ones you sleep on.
    • Square pillows: These are the ones that look great on your couch.

    But there are also tons of other interesting shapes that serve various purposes and are made to assist with specific issues, such as relieving neck pain, helping sleepers stay on their side, or travelling. 🧳

    Full-body pillows, like the Kally Body Pillow, are great during pregnancy - and snuggle parties.


    And V-pillows, shaped in the form of a "V", are great for nursing mothers or people who like to sit up in bed. 🍼

    Generally, though, you should stick to rectangular pillows for sleeping.

    Rectangular pillow sizes

    Pillow sizes

    Pillows are available in a wide range of sizes, though we'd recommend sticking to the commonly-available ones.

    The most common sizes for rectangular pillows are:

    • Standard: 50 x 75 cm (19.6 inches x 29.5 inches)
    • Super-king: 50 x 90 cm (19.6 inches x 35.4 inches)

    Standard pillows are suitable for most situations, but you may choose a super king pillow with an extra-large bed.

    Some pillows, like the Panda pillow, are slightly smaller.

    PILLOW: -10% / SLEEPHERO€45

    Generally, though, most pillows fall within the 50 x 75 cm dimension range, with minor differences here and there.

    What pillow material is best for you?

    Pillows will always consist of an outer fabric envelope filled with materials of either natural or synthetic origin.

    There are many materials a pillow could be made from. 🌎

    There is no right or wrong choice, but you'll need to find the one that works best for you.

    Different pillow materials

    Below, we'll look at some of the most common pillow filling materials. 👇

    Cotton pillows

    Cotton pillows are very traditional.

    They're cheap and readily available, but not always the best choice.

    Cotton pillows tend to absorb heat and flatten out quite quickly. 😕

    Advantages and disadvantages of cotton pillows

    Microfibre / hollowfibre pillows

    Microfibre and hollowfibre are both synthetic materials. 🧪

    Both are made of polyester, though microfibre is more finely woven.

    Polyester pillows are among the cheapest pillows on the market.

    They're very lightweight and come in a range of heights and firmness levels. 🤩

    This is very convenient, as you're likely to find a microfibre pillow that's perfect for you.

    These synthetic pillows are usually also hypoallergenic, making them suitable for people prone to allergies. 🤧

    Advantages and disadvantages of microfibre and hollowfibre pillows

    On the downside, they tend to retain moisture and heat, and they aren't very breathable. ♨️

    This can be uncomfortable for very hot sleepers.

    They also tend to flatten out quickly and have the shortest life span of all.

    Some cheap synthetic pillows may last less than a year!

    If you're going for a polyester pillow, we'd suggest you stick to a very high-quality down-alternative microfibre pillow.

    A good option is the very high-quality Eve Microfibre Shaper Pillow.

    It even has a tapered shape for unique head and neck support!


    Feather & down pillows

    Down and feather pillows are naturally soft and very comfortable.

    They're also mouldable, breathable, and long-lasting. 💨

    Down pillows are the premium choice - they're much softer and more luxurious.

    They are made from the feathers from the softer, fluffier layers underneath the bird's outer feathers.

    Advantages and disadvantages of feather and down pillows

    Down pillows have to consist of at least 70% down feathers.

    The rest can be made up of regular feathers.

    • Duck feathers and goose feathers are very popular choices.
    • Hungarian goose down, in particular, is a luxurious option.

    Even though down & feather pillows are comfortable and long-lasting, they flatten out over time and need frequent refluffing. ☁️

    This isn't the best choice for side sleepers, who require a slightly higher, firmer pillow.

    Feather pillows may be made of natural materials, but they are not suitable for vegans or people prone to allergies. 🌱

    You can occasionally find anti-allergy options where the pillow has been chemically treated to reduce the risk of allergies.

    The Littens 100% Pure Hungarian Goose Down Pillow Set is an excellent anti-allergenic option that combines pure luxury with optimal comfort and support.


    Memory foam pillows

    Memory foam is a synthetic material that softens with temperature and moulds to the shape of the sleeper's body.

    Memory foam pillows offer good pressure relief, making them a great choice for anyone struggling with neck pain.

    They're also very durable and likely to last a long time. 🗓

    Memory foam is also hypoallergenic, making memory foam pillows great for allergy sufferers.

    Advantages and disadvantages of memory foam pillows

    On the downside, memory foam pillows retain heat and limit airflow. 🥵

    They can get very hot and uncomfortable, especially if you're sensitive to temperature.

    They can also feel quite firm and rigid and often don't squash sufficiently to adjust height.

    This makes them better suited for back and side sleepers.

    Of course, there are a few customisable height-adjustable memory foam pillows and shredded memory foam pillows on the market.

    The Nectar adjustable pillow is a great option!


    Wool pillows

    Wool pillows are an excellent choice for anyone looking for an eco-friendly and naturally hypoallergenic pillow. 🌎

    They're also dust-mite-resistant.

    Wool helps regulate temperature, keeping you cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

    Wool pillows are usually firm, supportive, and have a lower loft, making them suitable for front sleepers.

    Wool pillow advantages and disadvantages

    On the downside, they flatten out quickly and can be very heavy.

    The Woolroom Deluxe Natural Wool Pillow is a great all-natural option that acts as a down and feather alternative. 🐑

    You can even adjust the filling to suit your preferences!


    Latex pillows

    Latex is a costly natural material with properties similar to memory foam. 💰

    Latex pillows are also firm, durable, supportive, and hypoallergenic, making them a great choice for people with neck pains or those prone to allergies.

    They're also much more breathable than memory foam pillows.

    On the downside, latex pillows are very expensive and exceedingly difficult to find.

    Advantages and disadvantages of latex pillows

    Does pillow firmness matter?

    The right degree of firmness matters.

    As with mattresses, there is no one ideal degree of firmness, but there will be a degree of firmness that's right for you.

    With pillows, this does depend a bit on personal preference, but it also has a lot to do with the position you like to sleep in.

    We'll go into the right pillows for your sleeping position next. 👇

    Choosing the right pillow according to sleeping position

    If you're waking up with neck or back pain, you may have a pillow that's not quite right for your sleeping position.

    While firmness matters, the right pillow also has to have the right loft. 🗻

    A pillow that's too high or too low for your sleep style will likely leave you in pain.

    Best pillows for side sleepers

    Side sleepers will do well on a slightly firmer pillow that can give them proper support, or a softer pillow that can be squished up and moulded to fit the space between neck and mattress perfectly.

    What's important, though, is that the space between the head, neck, shoulder and the mattress is adequately filled to keep your spine in a neutral position.

    This will help your muscles relax and prevent a build-up of pressure points.

    High loft pillows are often a good idea for side sleeping. 🏔

    But, the pillow shouldn't be too high.

    You never want to feel as if your neck is bending upwards (or downwards).

    Pillows for side sleepers
    Side sleepers will do well on firmer, higher pillows

    The right height will depend on the distance between your neck and shoulders, which is influenced by your overall build and body size.

    More petite builds will require a lower loft pillow, but larger builds will do best on a very high loft pillow.

    The Kally Sleep adjustable pillow has one of the highest lofts of all pillows, measuring 22 cm (8.6 inches).


    Best pillows for back sleepers

    Back sleepers do best on medium-firm pillows of a medium-high loft.

    The pillow should be low enough to align your upper spine.

    If you feel like your neck is bending up, you need a lower or softer pillow.

    In contrast, if you feel like your neck is bending down or your head is falling back, you need a slightly higher and firmer pillow.

    Pillows for back sleepers
    Back sleepers need a pillow of medium height

    The Panda pillow is a good medium-firm, medium loft pillow that should suit back sleepers and even most side sleepers really well!

    PILLOW: -10% / SLEEPHERO€45

    Best pillows for stomach sleepers

    We wouldn't recommend sleeping on your stomach as it's likely to cause increased neck and shoulder tension.

    This is because your head will always have to be turned to one side so that you can breathe properly. 👃

    Naturally, this will result in a build-up of tension, leading to agony over a period of time.

    If you do sleep on your stomach, though, you should be sleeping on a soft, low loft pillow.

    You can also opt for an adjustable pillow, like the Nectar Whole Night's Sleep pillow, and only keep one of the memory foam layers.


    Alternatively, you can also try sleeping without a pillow.

    Pillows for stomach sleepers
    Stomach sleepers need a flat pillow

    Combination sleepers

    Most people are combination sleepers, changing sleep positions quite regularly throughout the night. 🕺

    A medium-firm pillow of medium height would be the best choice.

    It's also a good idea to invest in two different pillows so that you can move between them if necessary.

    What pillow should you choose if you have allergies?

    Synthetic materials are best if you struggle with severe allergies.

    People usually react to feathers or dust mites living within the pillow.

    Of course, if you have a latex allergy, latex pillows will also be a problem.

    Just because you have an allergy, though, doesn't mean you have to stay away from pillows made from natural materials.

    You will be able to find anti-allergy pillows made from natural materials.

    There is a distinction between anti-allergy pillows and hypoallergenic pillows:

    • Hypoallergenic: The actual material and filling of the pillow aren't made of a known potential allergen, like feathers, wool, or latex. But other allergens, like dust mites, can still develop.
    • Anti-allergy: The pillow is treated with a chemical to combat the development of dust mites. Anti-allergy pillows are great if you have asthma, eczema or rhinitis.

    Dust mites can be killed by washing at temperatures of 60℃ or higher.

    Washing pillows
    Dust mites can be killed at high temperatures

    We would also recommend investing in a pillow protector to better protect you from your pillow and vice versa.

    Our recommended pillow protector:

    Other factors to consider when choosing your perfect pillow

    In addition to the above, you can also consider a few more things when choosing your perfect pillow.

    Is the pillow adjustable?

    Synthetic pillows or down pillows are easy to fluff up and flatten out, but memory foam and latex pillows can sometimes be a bit more rigid.

    Here, it is helpful to consider a height-adjustable pillow with different layers or removable parts.

    This will enable you to customise it to meet your needs.

    Two of our favourite adjustable pillows include the Emma Pillow and the Nectar Pillow.


    Do you want an eco-friendly pillow?

    Natural & organic pillows will be the most eco-friendly. 🌱

    Wool pillows, down & feather pillows, and even latex pillows are a good choice.

    But, you can also find synthetic pillows with eco-friendly properties.

    The Panda pillow, for example, features an eco-friendly bamboo cover around a core of memory foam. 🐼

    PILLOW: -10% / SLEEPHERO€45

    Do you need a cooling pillow?

    If you struggle with overheating, it's best to look for a pillow with cooling qualities.

    Natural materials are often the best choice.

    Microfibre and memory foam pillows retain more heat, but you can also look for synthetic pillows with a cooling gel.

    Do you or your partner snore?

    If you or your partner snores, it may be worth investing in an anti-snore pillow.

    Many anti-snore pillows are hypoallergenic memory foam pillows that offer good support.

    But, sometimes you'll also find anti-snore pillows in a variety of shapes to help keep airways open.

    You can read our article on the best anti-snoring pillows in Ireland for more info.

    What is the best pillow to buy?

    Pillows haven’t changed much in shape and dimensions — but they have certainly benefited from technological innovations in their fillings.

    You can choose anything from traditional wool, feather, or down pillows or opt for a newer model filled with memory foam or microfibres, nanotubes, etc.

    Down pillows are generally regarded as the top choice, but memory foam pillows can also be a great option if you're looking for firmer support.

    Regardless of whether you prefer natural or synthetic models, you’re guaranteed to find a pillow that’s perfect for you.

    While, ultimately, the choice of pillows is a personal one, we still believe that some pillows do a better job than others.

    Our favourite pillows in Ireland:

    Frequently asked questions

    • How long can I keep my pillow?

      As with mattresses, pillows may deteriorate over time.

      This can lead to back and neck pain, as well as allergies.

      Depending on the quality of your pillow, you may need to replace it after six months!

      That's why we recommend staying away from cheap pillows.

      If you have a high-quality synthetic, feather, or down pillow, you can keep it for 4 to 5 years.

      If you have a quality memory foam pillow, you can keep it for up to 10 years.

    • Can I buy a cheap pillow?

      This depends on how cheap you want to go.

      You can get excellent pillows at a good price, but you should never settle for a cheaply-made and low-quality pillow.

      Memory foam pillows should cost £30 and up and down pillows £40 and up.

      Synthetic pillows are slightly cheaper. 

      You can also get some great discounts if you're buying online.

      We collect all the best coupon codes and display them on our discounts page.

    • Do I need to wash my pillow?

      Yes, you should be washing your pillows - but this depends on the type of pillow you have.

      You should wash your pillowcase every week or two, but your actual pillow should only be washed every six months or so.

      If you have a pillow protector, you can afford to wait a little longer.

      You should also always read the specific washing instructions of your pillow before popping it into the wash.

      Not all pillows are fully machine-washable. 

      Memory foam pillows should never be washed, though you can spot-clean them if necessary.

    • What pillows do five-star hotels use?

      Different hotels would use different pillows, but most luxury hotels are likely to stick to down feather pillows.

      Duck or goose down is very popular.

      These provide the ultimate luxury and are very easy to clean.

      But due to the rise of veganism, down alternatives are becoming increasingly popular.

    • Do pillows come with a guarantee?

      Most high-quality pillows will come with a warranty period

      This is usually 1 or 2 years, though some pillows will also come with 3-year or 5-year guarantees.

    • Can I buy good pillows on Amazon?

      Yes, you can buy many great pillows on Amazon.

      Amazon Ireland has an extensive selection of pillows available, so you're likely to find everything from memory foam to Hungarian goose down to wool pillows.

      Many of the pillows we recommend are available on Amazon.

    • Can you recommend any other great pillows?

      In addition to the pillows recommended throughout this article, you could also look at the following:

      • Scooms Hungarian Goose Down Pillow
      • REM-Fit 500 Cool Gel Pillow
      • Soak & Sleep Ultimate Hungarian Goose Down Pillow

      These pillows are frequently recommended as well. 


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