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Dormeo Mattress Reviews Ireland (2022)


Last updated: 03.08.2022 14 Min.

Dormeo is one of Europe’s most trusted bed brands. 💖

But do these Italian-made mattresses hold a candle to UK brands like Emma?

We deep-dove into this 15-year-old brand, and all you need to know about Dormeo mattresses.

Here’s what we discovered. 👇

Dormeo Mattress


  • Huge variety of mattresses to choose from

  • Many affordable options for those on a budget

  • Award-winning technology in mattresses

  • 60-night comfort trial (on select mattresses)

  • Firm & soft mattresses available for all sleepers

  • Interest-free credit options are available

  • Include white glove delivery (they will set the mattress up for you)

  • Free recycling of your old mattress included

  • 20-year guarantee

  • Free delivery


  • Some products are low-quality

  • Complex and misleading warranty structure

  • Shorter trial than other brands and only select mattresses compensate for return costs

What makes Dormeo mattresses special?

🏆 Award-winning technology recognised by the aviation industry

🇮🇹 Italian-made brand revolutionising Europe

🕰️ 15-years of mattress-making experience

Which Dormeo mattress is best?

    Dormeo Octasmart Hybrid Mattress
    Price from €358

    Dormeo Octasmart Hybrid Mattress

    The Dormeo Octasmart Hybrid mattress combines award-winning Octasmart technology with memory foam and pocket springs.

    The medium-firm feel of the Dormeo Octasmart Hybrid Mattress provides a perfect balance of comfort and support.

    All about the Dormeo Octasmart Hybrid Mattress

    The Octasmart Hybrid Mattress combines memory foam, pocket springs, and Octaspring technology

    dormeo octasmart hybrid mattress

    The four layers of materials work together to provide an unmatched feeling of comfort and support.

    The Aerocell memory foam moulds around the shape of the body whilst the Octaspring alleviates pressure from the hips and shoulders. 

    The additional layer of pocket springs provides a more traditional feel whilst encouraging airflow throughout the mattress. 

    The Octasmart Hybrid Mattress is also anti-bacterial and dust-mite preventative for a more hygienic sleep. 

    The medium-firm feel of the mattress makes this an excellent choice for side and back sleepers.  


      Octasmart Hybrid Mattress
    Composition: Memory foam, Octaspring technology, pocket springs
    Firmness level: Medium-firm
    Height: 22 cm
    Trial period: 60 nights
    Guarantee 18 years (limited warranty)
    What makes this mattress special? The hybrid mattress combines four unique layers for highly adaptable comfort.

    Dormeo Aloe Vera Memory Mattress
    Price from €227

    Dormeo Aloe Vera Memory Mattress

    The Dormeo Aloe Vera Memory mattress infuses natural Aloe Vera with memory foam for a comfortable and hydrated sleep.

    The  Dormeo Aloe Vera Memory mattress contains natural healing and rejuvenating properties.

    All about the Dormeo Aloe Vera Memory Mattress

    The Dormeo Aloe Vera Memory mattress is infused with natural aloe vera

    Dormeo Aloe Vera Memory Mattress

    This plant-based material is immune-boosting and healing for a rejuvenating sleep. 🥰

    Aloe vera is also known for promoting healthier skin for those that suffer from skin conditions such as acne or eczema. 

    The Dormeo Aloe Vera Memory Mattress also contains 2 cm of memory foam that moulds around the body and relieves pressure. 

    The mattress comes with an antibacterial cover that helps to improve longevity and prevent dust mites. 🦠

    The mattress comes with free delivery and is delivered rolled up in a vacuum-sealed bag. 

    For a more premium option, consider the Dormeo Aloe Vera Deluxe mattress.


      Dormeo Aloe Vera Memory mattress
    Composition: Memory foam, aloe vera infused cover
    Firmness level: Medium-firm
    Height: 14 cm
    Trial period: 60 nights
    Guarantee: 15 years (limited warranty)
    What makes this mattress special? The mattress is infused with aloe vera extract with natural healing properties.
    Hybrid Construction

    Dormeo Octasmart Hybrid Deluxe Mattress
    Price from €370

    Dormeo Octasmart Hybrid Deluxe Mattress

    The Octasmart Hybrid Deluxe mattress by Dormeo combines innovative Octaspring technology and luxury memory foam for a sumptuous sleep.

    The Dormeo Octasmart Hybrid Deluxe mattress has a softer feel for those looking for a body-hugging sleep.

    All about the Dormeo Octasmart Hybrid Deluxe mattress

    The Dormeo Octasmart Hybrid Deluxe mattress is an advanced hybrid mattress

    dormeo octasmart hybrid deluxe

    This Dormeo mattress includes Ecocell foam, pocket springs, Octaspring technology and luxurious memory foam

    This medium-soft mattress cradles the hips and shoulders, providing the perfect balance for side sleepers. 

    Octaspring technology uses smart zoning to encourage support in the areas your body most needs it, whilst relieving pressure. 

    The layers encourage natural ventilation throughout the mattress for a cooler feeling of sleep. 

    The mattress also comes with an anti-allergy washable cover to prevent bacteria build-up. 


      Dormeo Octasmart Hybrid Deluxe mattress
    Composition: Memory foam, Octasprings, pocket springs, Ecocell foam
    Firmness level: Medium-soft
    Height: 24 cm
    Trial period: 60 nights
    Guarantee: 18 years (limited warranty)
    What makes this mattress special? The medium-soft firmness and multiple layers provide the best support for side sleepers.

    Dormeo Options Pocket Spring Mattress
    Price from €149

    Dormeo Options Pocket Spring Mattress

    The Dormeo Options Pocket Spring mattress is a rolled-up mattress made from individually wrapped pocket springs.

    The Dormeo Options Pocket Spring mattress is a great budget-friendly mattress with a breathable cover for a cool sleep. 

    All about the Dormeo Options Pocket Spring Mattress

    The Dormeo Options Pocket Spring mattress is a fantastic budget option


    The Ecocell layer provides a supportive base for your sleep. 

    Unlike traditional coil springs, pocket springs are wrapped in individual fabric pockets

    Each pocket spring works independently to support every area of your body. 

    The Dormeo Options Pocket Spring mattress has a firmer feel, ideal for stomach sleepers who need a more solid mattress. 

    This affordable mattress comes rolled up, making it the ideal choice for kids and teenagers with narrow bedrooms or loft rooms


      Dormeo Options Pocket Spring mattress
    Composition: Ecocell, pocket springs
    Firmness level: Firm
    Height: 22 cm
    Trial period: N/A
    Guarantee: 1 year
    What makes this mattress special? The mattress cover has breathable Airmesh sides for a cooler sleep.

    Dormeo Memory Plus Memory Foam Mattress
    Price from €195

    Dormeo Memory Plus Memory Foam Mattress

    The Memory Plus Memory Foam mattress by Dormeo is a multi-award winning mattress made with memory foam and Eco-cell foam.

    The Dormeo Memory Plus Memory Foam mattress contains special anti-bacterial and anti-dust mite properties for those with allergies. 

    All about the Dormeo Memory Plus Memory Foam Mattress

    The Dormeo Memory Plus Memory Foam mattress is made from body-hugging memory foam layers. 

    Dormeo Memory Plus Memory Foam mattress. 

    Memory foam contours to the shape of the body for a comfortable pressure-relieving sleep to reduce back pain.  

    The mattress also includes a base layer of Ecocell foam, designed with a 3-dimensional cellular structure for adaptive support and a breathable sleep. 

    The mattress cover has been protected with an anti-bacterial and anti-dust mite solution to encourage the most hygienic sleep environment. 

    The cover has been woven with carbon fibres for extra protection against dust mites


      Dormeo Memory Plus Memory Foam Mattress
    Composition: Memory foam, Ecocell
    Firmness level: Medium
    Height: 17 cm
    Trial period: 60 nights
    Guarantee: 15 year (limited warranty)
    What makes this mattress special? This hypoallergenic mattress is fully protected against dust mites.

    What are Dormeo mattresses made from?

    You can buy a Dormeo mattress in a variety of materials.

    This includes:

    • Dormeo memory foam
    • Octaspring technology
    • Dormeo latex
    • Dormeo pocket springs

    You can also buy a Dormeo mattress hybrid and tribrid. 🤔

    dormeo mattress composition
    Dormeo hybrid and tribrid mattresses combine multiple layers.

    This means they include two or more different materials, such as memory foam, latex, and pocket springs.

    However, Dormeo is most well-known for its patented Octaspring and Ecocell technology.

    But, how does this award-winning technology work? 👇

    What is Octaspring technology?

    A traditional pocket spring is a single coil spring made of steel sewn into a fabric pocket.

    They work independently from one another to provide support and relieve pressure. 🤗

    Octasprings are eight-sided, individual foam springs with diamond-shaped ventilation holes.

    Like pocket springs, they relieve pressure whilst providing a supportive base for your sleep.


    dormeo mattress octaspring technology
    Octasprings contour to the shape of the body.

    So, what makes them different?

    Octasprings come with ergonomic zoning.

    In other words, they can be made in different firmnesses to support individual areas of the body.

    Octasprings are also highly versatile and can move three-dimensionally to support your natural shape.

    They’re made with an OCTAvent air system that pushes out hot air and draws in cooler air. 🌬️


    Circulation in dormeo octaspring mattresses
    Octaspring mattresses have ventilation systems for a breathable sleep.

    Octaspring technology has been extremely successful, particularly for aerospace travel in which they have won many awards in this area. ✈️

    So, if you’re looking for sky-high sleep with first-class comfort–an Octaspring mattress could be a great choice.

    What is Ecocell foam?

    Ecocell is a specially developed foam for a more adaptable sleep.

    Dormeo created a permanently elastic foam with a three-dimensional structure that is highly breathable.

    In Dormeo mattresses, Ecocell makes up the base part of the mattress with other memory foam or Octaspring layers on top.

    The foam helps to relieve pressure from joints such as the hips and shoulders.


    Spinal Alignment graphic
    Dormeo mattresses are made with supportive Ecocell foam.

    Memory foam moulds around the shape of the body.

    However, other than its apparent breathability, there seems to be little difference between Ecocell and regular base foam. 🧐

    Who are Dormeo mattresses suitable for?

    There is a huge selection of Dormeo mattresses. 🙌

    That means there will be plenty of mattress types to choose from–even for those extra fussy sleepers.

    This includes:

    • All income brackets
    • Those with narrow entryways/loft bedrooms
    • Every sleeping position
    • Hot/cold sleepers
    • Restless sleepers/couples

    Dormeo has a mattress for those that sleep on their back, side, and stomach.

    Firmness according to sleeping position
    Different sleeping positions require different firmness levels.

    But first, you need to know the kind of mattress suitable for your position.

    Is Dormeo any good for my sleeping position?

    Dormeo mattresses can come in medium-soft ☁️ medium 🧸 and firm. 🧱

    This makes them an ideal choice for every kind of sleeper.

    We’ll unpack the kind of mattress firmness you need for your sleep position below.

    Side sleepers

    Side sleeping is the most popular sleeping position. 😍

    So, it doesn’t surprise us that Dormeo has a huge selection of mattresses suitable for sleeping on your side.

    Side sleeping puts pressure on the hips and shoulders.

    A side sleeper mattress should:

    • Have a medium feel that keeps the spine nice and straight
    • Yet provide a soft cushioning layer around the hip and shoulder.

    The Octasmart Plus Memory Foam mattress is a good choice for side sleepers.

    Dormeo Octasmart Plus Memory Foam mattress on bed

    Dormeo Octasmart Plus Memory Foam mattress corner

    The Octaspring technology supports the spine with smart body zones. 🧠

    The luxurious memory foam layers mould around the pressure points.

    Back sleepers

    Back sleeping is the healthiest position for your sleep.

    Sleeping on your back reduces the pressure on your spine and other organs.

    If you don’t already sleep on your back, consider switching to this position. 👀

    Back sleepers need:

    • A medium-firm mattress that encourages optimal spinal alignment.
    • A mattress that supports the heavier regions like the head and pelvis.

    The Octaspring TRIBRID Latex Hybrid mattress is a fantastic option for back sleepers.

    This mattress combines pocket springs, Octaspring memory foam, and latex for a medium-firm sleep.

    The pocket spring and Octaspring layer help to keep the spine straight and lifted.

    Dormeo Octasmart Tribrid Latex Hybrid Mattress

    Dormeo Octaspring Tribrid Latex Hybrid corner

    Meanwhile, the firmer feeling of latex will cushion the heavier parts of the body without too much sinking.

    Stomach sleepers

    Stomach sleeping puts the most pressure on your spine, neck, and organs. 🫁

    Sleeping on your stomach is not the healthiest, but this is the most comfortable position for some.

    You should pair your new mattress with a soft and low pillow (or none at all) to help relieve some pressure.

    Stomach sleepers need:

    • A firm mattress that takes the pressure off the spine.
    • A solid feel with a little bit of cushioning for the hips and knees.

    The Octaspring Levanto Memory Foam mattress is worth considering. 🥰

    The Ecocell® base provides a supportive feel that distributes your body weight.

    The Octaspring memory foam layers provide some cushioning for the hips without creating a bend in the spine. 🪢

    What else do Dormeo sell?

    This includes:

    • Dormeo mattress topper
    • Dormeo mattress protector
    • Dormeo pillows
    • Dormeo duvet

    We’ll go into more detail about the popular Dormeo mattress topper below. 👇

    Dormeo mattress toppers

    Dormeo also has an entire collection of mattress toppers.

    dormeo mattress topper
    Dormeo mattress toppers can add a layer of comfort to your sleep.

    The most popular are the Dormeo Octasmart mattress toppers and the Dormeo Memory Plus mattress toppers, which include a 60-night sleep trial. ⏳

    Made with the award-winning Octaspring technology, the Dormeo Octasmart Plus mattress topper can improve the feel of your sleep without needing to replace the entire mattress.

    A Dormeo mattress topper can also give you an idea of how a Dormeo mattress might feel, without committing to a brand new mattress. 😅

    Dormeo mattress sizes

    Dormeo mattresses come in standard sizes in Ireland.

    Ireland mattress sizes

    This includes:

    • Dormeo mattress single mattress : 90 x 190 cm (3' x 6'3")
    • Dormeo mattress small double mattress: 120 x 190 cm (4' x 6'3")
    • Dormeo mattress double mattress: 135 x 190 cm (4'6" x 6'3")
    • Dormeo mattress king-size mattress: 150 x 200 cm (5’ x 6’6”)
    • Dormeo mattress super-king-size mattress: 180 x 200 cm (6’ x 6’6”)

    Some Dormeo mattresses are also available as a European King and European super king size. 👑

    You can check our size guide to find out exactly what you need.

    How thick is a Dormeo mattress?

    Dormeo mattresses are between 14 cm - 30 cm deep.

    Thinner mattresses tend to offer less support whilst for thicker mattresses it can be difficult to get the right sheets.

    If depth is important, you can filter by thickness on the Dormeo website. 💻

    Dormeo mattress price

    One of the key things you’re probably wondering is; how much are Dormeo mattresses? 🤔

    Price performance ratio
    Decide on your budget before choosing on a mattress.

    Dormeo mattress prices range anywhere between €100 - €3000.

    Dormeo has some fantastic options for those on the budget, such as the Dormeo options range.

    Those looking for a more premium product should focus on the Octaspring collection.

    But is there ever a Dormeo mattress sale?

    Dormeo mattress discount code

    In addition to having fairly priced products, you can also take advantage of a Dormeo mattress sale.

    Dormeo mattress deals can save you a whopping 50% and some mattresses often come with free pillows.


    Man sitting on coins
    Dormeo have regular sales.

    To keep on top of every Dormeo mattress discount code, bookmark our discounts page.

    How are Dormeo mattresses delivered?

    Every Dormeo mattress comes with free delivery.

    You can expect your mattress to arrive within 14 - 28 days.

    Dormeo mattresses come with a white glove delivery service. 🚚

    Two man delivery service
    Dormeo has white glove delivery service.

    This means they’ll set your mattress up in the room for you, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

    Every Dormeo mattress also comes rolled up and vacuum-sealed.

    How long do you leave a Dormeo mattress?

    As Dormeo mattresses come vacuum-sealed, you’ll have to let them fully expand before sleeping on them. 🎈

    Watch the video below to see how easy it is to unpack!

    Your Dormeo mattress should regain its normal shape in 15 minutes, but you should wait a minimum of 6 hours before sleeping on it.

    Will Dormeo take my old mattress?

    If you purchase an Octaspring branded mattress, you can have your old mattress removed for FREE.

    They are one of the first brands we have come across that will recycle your old mattress at no additional cost to you on the day of your delivery.

    Usually, this would cost anywhere between £45 - £60 depending on the size of your mattress. 💰


    Bed in a box graphic
    Dormeo mattresses arrive in a box.

    If you would like your old mattress removed, you should contact Dormeo’s customer service team within 24 hours of placing your order.

    How to return a Dormeo mattress

    Many online mattress brands include a time-sensitive sleep trial. ⌛

    Sleep trial graphic
    Most Dormeo mattresses include a 60-night trial.

    This means you get to test out all the bells and whistles of your new mattress for a specified amount of time.

    Selected Dormeo mattresses include a 60-night trial with every purchase.

    Every mattress that includes Octaspring technology is valid for a full refund. 💰

    This means:

    • You can sleep on your Octaspring mattress for up to 60 nights.
    • If you are not satisfied within that time - contact Dormeo’s customer service team.
    • They will come and collect the mattress free of charge.

    However, not all products qualify for this trial. 👎

    What if my mattress doesn’t include Octaspring technology?

    Mattresses that do not include Octaspring technology will have to be returned at the customer's expense.

    This includes Octasense, OctaSmart Essentials and Revitalise mattresses.

    Dormeo Options mattresses and bedding products are also fully excluded from the sleep trial. ❌

    Returns process graphic
    Dormeo products have a 14-day return policy.

    However, they can be returned within 14-days if unopened in their original packaging. 📦


    Is 60-nights a good sleep trial?

    It takes around a month for our bodies to adjust to a new mattress.

    Therefore, 60 nights is definitely a reasonable amount of time to test out whether a Dormeo mattress is right for you. 👍

    However, it’s not always easy trying to find time to contact customer services and return your mattress.

    That’s why we’re a big fan of much longer trial periods.

    Emma mattresses include a 200-night trial with every mattress.

    This means you have plenty of time to arrange a collection and you can test your mattress in every weather condition.

    Dormeo mattress warranty

    Dormeo mattresses come with a warranty of up to 20 years.

    Sounds pretty good, right?

    However, you should read the small print before diving in and purchasing a Dormeo mattress. 🔍

    The warranty structure is extremely baffling, but we’ll do our best to make sense of it for you.

    Each mattress range comes with its own warranty length, each with different terms and conditions.

    Mattress range Warranty period Full warranty length
    Octaspring mattresses 20 years 0 - 5 years
    Octasmart mattresses 18 years 0 - 5 years
    Dormeo Memory mattresses 15 years 0 - 5 years
    Dormeo Options mattresses 1 year N/A

    You also have to activate your warranty via the Dormeo website. 💻

    How does the limited guarantee work?

    After year 6, your warranty will be reduced from anywhere between 10 - 25%.

    This reduction increases with every passing year. 😨

    By the final year of your warranty, you are looking at a guarantee which has been reduced by 95 - 99% depending on the mattress.

    This means Dormeo could only pay 1% of the cost of any faults in the final year of the warranty.

    So, for Dormeo’s most expensive mattress (around £2700) they’ll only pay £27 towards a repair or replacement. 👀

    Is everything covered in the warranty?

    To make things even more complicated, certain materials in Dormeo mattresses are only guaranteed for a specified time.

    For example, the 20-year limited warranty covers the core of Dormeo Octaspring mattresses but you only get a 1 year guarantee on the outer cover.

    Therefore, don’t expect a replacement on your mattress cover if the seams suddenly come apart or the material starts to bobble after year one.

    Woman confused
    Dormeo warranties can be misleading for the customer.

    Dormeo also states that a reduction in the mattress thickness between 5 - 15% is considered normal. 🤨

    We’d be lying if we said we weren’t disappointed by the warranty conditions.

    Many customer complaints stem from the confusion of the advertised “20 year guarantee” to only later discover they’d been mislead into a false sense of security.

    Are Dormeo mattresses any good?

    It’s clear that Dormeo is an innovative brand with unique technology in its mattresses that makes them stand out from the crowd. 🤗

    Their positive Trustpilot reviews and many awards prove they’ve got a great product that has helped customers improve their sleep.

    However, their complex warranty and limited sleep trial raised a few red flags. 🚩

    We’d advise steering clear of this brand if you’ve had bad luck with faulty mattresses in the past - as it’s not likely you’ll get your money back from this convoluted warranty structure.

    Instead, consider some other brands where what you see is what you get. 👇

    Contact Dormeo

    Customer service: To contact Dormeo UK directly for complaints, support, or queries, please email them at or call them on 0800 2248 361. Dormeo customer service team is available Monday – Friday 8 am – 8 pm, Saturday & Sunday 8 am – 6 pm.

    Registered office: Customer Services, Dormeo UK, Impact House, Unit 7-9 Romsey Industrial Estate, Greatbridge Road, Romsey, Hampshire, SO51 0HR

    • Where can I buy a Dormeo mattress?

      Dormeo mattresses are stocked in a variety of UK & Irish retailers. 

      This includes:

      • Dormeo mattress Argos 
      • Dormeo mattress Amazon 
      • Dormeo Wayfair
      • Dormeo Mattress Online
      • Dormeo mattress Next
      • Dormeo Homebase

      You can also buy the mattress directly from the Dormeo website. 

      Many retailers also offer free next day delivery.

    • Is Dormeo a good brand?

      Dormeo mattresses have lots to offer for a good night's sleep. 

      Many of their mattresses include Octaspring technology that is used in first-class air travel seats

      They also offer reasonable prices on many of their products. 

      However, we think they can do more to build trust in their brand.

      The warranty structure is very misleading, advertising an up to 20 year warranty, yet only being fully guaranteed for 5 years with the mattress cover only included for the first year. 

      Their sleep trial is short compared to most competitors. 

      You should think carefully before investing in a mattress brand and compare the best mattress brands available right now. 

    • Where are Dormeo mattresses made?

      Dormeo is an Italian-made mattress brand. 

      Dormeo mattresses have become increasingly popular and available to buy throughout Europe. 


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