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Mattress discounts

Hunting for a good mattress deal can be time-consuming.

That's why we've collated all of the best deals on:

  • Bed-in-a-box mattresses
  • Bedding,
  • and more 💰

We continuously search for the best coupons out there and update our page regularly.

Check back frequently to make sure you don't miss out!

Current mattress discounts:

    Mattress Discounts
    🎉 Discounts

    Current mattress combo deals

    Many online mattress brands offer combo deals, where buying a mattress together with a few other items ends up cheaper than buying them all individually.

    Sometimes, you can also get a mattress with free gifts.

    Here are all the mattress combo deals currently available:

    Current mattress protector deals

    A waterproof mattress protector is essential to safeguard your mattress against spills, stains, dirt, and bacteria.

    We highly recommend investing in one of these.

    Here are all the mattress protector deals currently available:

    Current mattress topper deals

    A mattress topper is a great investment if your mattress is just a tad too firm or if you're looking for some extra comfort.

    Topper deals are rare, but we'll list them here when we find them!

    Here are all the mattress topper deals currently available:

    Current pillow deals

    A pillow can make or break your sleeping experience.

    Investing in a good pillow is essential to make sure you get the right kind of support and wake up pain- and tension-free!

    Here are all the pillow deals currently available:

    Current duvet & weighted blanket deals

    Duvets and blankets are so much more than just "fabrics to cover yourself with".

    Quality duvets can keep you cool in summer and cosy in winter, while weighted blankets are great to help ease anxiety!

    Here are all the duvet and weighted blanket deals currently available:

    Current bedding deals

    Bedding is essential to transform your bedroom into a beautiful, restorative space.

    Generally, bedding sets include sheets, pillow covers, and duvet covers.

    Here are all the bedding deals currently available:

    Current bed frame deals

    A bed frame is so much more than something you place your mattress on.

    A good frame can enhance the features of your mattress, increase airflow, and even transform the look and feel of your room!

    Here are all the bed frame deals currently available:

    Current cot mattress & kids' products deals

    Cot or baby mattresses have been specifically designed for babies and small children under the age of 6.

    Children over the age of 6 can sleep quite comfortably on adult mattresses, but little ones require special support to aid healthy bone development and growth.

    Cot mattress deals are rare, but we'll list them here when we find them!

    We'll also list some exclusive discounts for kids' and baby sleep accessories

    Here are all the cot mattress & kids' sleep accessory deals currently available:

    This is why buying online makes sense

    Let's be blunt:

    Buying a new mattress can be exhausting.

    Most people don't really think about mattresses until they have to buy a new one - and then they're faced with a myriad of decisions to make!

    Can you trust a specialist retailer to give you all the information you need? Is it better to turn to online mattress reviews? How easy is it to compare mattresses?

    And, perhaps most importantly, where can you find amazing discounts and promotions?

    Luckily, Sleep Hero takes you through everything you need to know before making the big purchase.

    And we're there with you right until the end, finding the very best online discount codes for you and collecting them right here!

    Which online mattress brands offer great discounts?

    Most online mattress brands offer discounts and promotions quite regularly.

    And these don't only apply to mattresses - you'll also find promotions on pillows, bedding, duvets, bed frames, and more!

    Some of our favourite bed-in-a-box mattress brands that frequently offer specials include:

    To ensure that our readers (that's you 👋) remain updated, we stay in touch with all of these major mattress brands to get regular coupon codes.

    Often, we'll hear about promotions before they get published elsewhere.

    We also have access to Sleep Hero exclusive coupon codes.

    You'll find all the information about new mattress deals on our discounts page (lucky you, you're here already. Just scroll up 👆)

    Why we don’t like specialist retailers

    Specialist retailers are your standard brick-and-mortar way of buying mattresses.

    And maybe saying we don't like them is a step too far.

    But we're not big fans.

    Firstly, specialist retailers generally only work with specific brands, so your choice is quite limited.

    Then, many of these brands pay a commission to salespeople making a high number of sales - so how do you know they're not biased in the products they're pushing?

    Finally, we just don't think that lying on a mattress in-store for a few minutes under the scrutinising eyes of a commission-hungry salesperson is sufficient in determining if a mattress is right for you.

    It's also a little awkward 👀

    Most mattresses feel fine at first, but you'll only know if it's really right for you after having slept on it for a few days.

    And if the mattress you've bought doesn't come with a reasonable return period, you're stuck with a product you don't really like.

    The solution? Buying online 👇

    Six reasons why we think you should buy a mattress online

    Sure, you won't be able to feel a mattress first if you buy online.

    But that's where we come to the rescue.

    Our mattress reviews and comparisons tell you everything you need to know about a mattress before you buy it.

    We also think there are a ton of advantages to buying online.

    Here are six of them.

    1. Buying online saves time

    Comparing mattresses online takes very little time.

    Determine your ideal price, do a bit of research, and buy your mattress at the click of a button.

    This saves you the stress of having to schlepp from store to store.

    2. Deliveries are free - and convenient

    Have you ever bought a mattress in-store and been left with the ordeal of taking it home? Or paid expensive delivery fees to have someone deliver it for you?

    That won't happen if you buy online.

    Bed-in-a-box mattresses are delivered free of charge, rolled up and vacuum-packed in a compact box.

    Neat, huh?

    And the best part is that the mattress gets delivered straight to your front door.

    3. You can get great mattress deals and discounts

    Life is expensive. We all want to save a little - or a lot.

    Luckily, it's easy to find great discounts for mattresses sold online.

    And to help make it even easier for you, we include all discounts from a wide range of mattress brands in one handy listing.

    Now that's a great way to find luxury mattresses at the best prices.

    4. Benefit from risk-free trial periods

    If you buy your mattress online, you'll benefit from a risk-free trial period.

    This gives you the chance to try the mattress for a set period and see if you really like it.

    And if you don't?

    You can return it to the manufacturer and get a full refund.

    5. Get help disposing of your old mattress

    Getting rid of your old mattress can be troublesome.

    Do you throw it away? Recycle it? Donate it?

    Specialist retailers don't really help you out with this either.

    But most online brands do!

    Many of the mattress brands we work with offer a removal and recycling service, where they pick up your old mattress when they deliver your new one, saving you time, money, and effort.

    6. Browse a large selection of mattresses in all price ranges

    More choice means that you can find a product that's perfect for you.

    Do you struggle with allergies? Do you have orthopaedic concerns? Do you want an environmentally-friendly product?

    There is a world of possibilities if you buy your mattress online.

    Choose the one that fits your needs, preferences, and home perfectly.

    Let's get you shopping - and saving!

    So what are you waiting for? Let’s get you a new mattress 🥳🥳🥳

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